The Evening and Weekend Menu Our delights from the chef

Plato vegetariano – Vegetarian dish

  • Esparragos a la plancha


    Grilled asparagus

  • Burrata de búfala con tomate horneado caramelizado


    Buffala burrata with caramelised oven-baked beef tomato

  • Berenjena al escabeche


    Aubergine preserve served in slices

  • Sopa del día


    Soup of the day

  • Jamón con palmitos y salsa golf


    Serrano ham with palm hearts and mayo sauce

  • Lengua a la vinagreta


    Sliced marinated ox tongue

  • Empanadas (2) (carne suave- carne picante – panceta y queso – humita/ )


    Home-made Argentine pasties (mild beef - spicy beef - pancetta & cheese - corn & bechamel/ )

  • Provoleta


    Grilled provolone cheese

  • Carpaccio


    Beef Carpaccio with rocket, parmesan cheese, capers & lemon oil

  • Txistorra


    Spanish pork paprika sausage

  • Picada Flores


    Crisps, salted peanuts and olives

  • Choripán con morrones


    Argentine-style pork sausage sandwich with peppers

Platos PrincipalesMain courses served with a small garnish of beans & salad

  • Bife de lomo con guarnición 10oz (284g)


    Prime Argentine Fillet steak with garnish

  • Bife de chorizo con guarnición 14oz (397g)


    Grilled Argentine Sirloin steak with garnish

  • Bife ancho con guarnición 11oz (312g)


    Grilled Argentine Rib-eye steak with garnish

  • Bife de cuadril con guarnición 10oz (284g)


    Grilled Argentine Rump steak with garnish

  • Mollejas con guarnición (como entrada / como plato principal)

    £7.00 / £16.50

    Sweetbreads with garnish (as starter / as main course)

  • Churrasco con guarnición 8oz (227g)


    Grilled Argentine Sirloin steak with garnish

  • Vacío o Asado con guarnición (por favor, consultar disponibilidad)


    Grilled flank steak or short rib with garnish. PLEASE, ASK FOR AVAILABILITY

  • Chorizos criollos (2) con guarnición


    Two Argentine-style pork sausages with garnish

ParrilladasMínimo dos personas
Braziers – Minimum two people

  • Parrillada Deluxe

    £29.00 (per person)

    14oz prime Argentine Sirloin steak + 11oz grilled Argentine Rib-eye steak, two Argentine-style pork sausages + black pudding + provolone cheese. *To replace either steak for a Fillet, an additional £8 will be charged.

  • Parrillada Buen Ayre

    £25.00 (per person)

    Meat Grill Selection + Argentine-style pork sausage + black pudding + sweetbreads + short-rib + flank steak. PLEASE, ASK FOR AVAILABILITY

  • Parrillada Al Paso

    £22.00 (per person)

    Reduced Grill Selection + Argentine-style pork sausage + black pudding + flank steak + short rib. PLEASE, ASK FOR AVAILABILITY

  • Parrillada Mixta

    £22.00 (per person)

    Mixed Grill Selection + Argentine-style pork sausage + flank steak + black pudding + provolone cheese + mushrooms with pesto (which contains nuts) PLEASE, ASK FOR AVAILABILITY

Note: Cooking large chunks of meat on a grill takes time.
Because all of our cuts are grilled from fresh, sometimes there may be some waiting time involved.
If concerned about this, please ask your waiter how long it will take to receive your Parrillada

Platos VegetarianosVegetarian dishes with a small garnish of beans and salad

  • Hongos a la parrilla con pesto y guarnición **


    Two grilled flat mushrooms with pesto and garnish
    ** Mushrooms are filled with pesto, which contains nuts

  • Brochette de queso y verduras con guarnición


    Halloumi cheese and vegetables brochette with houmous and garnish

GuarnicionesSide Orders

  • Mixta – Lettuce and tomato salad


  • Criolla – Lettuce, tomato and onion salad


  • Tomate y cebolla – Tomato and onion salad


  • Verde – Green salad


  • Rúcula y ajo – Rocket and garlic salad


  • Papas fritas – Chips


  • Papas fritas a la provenzal – Chips with garlic and parsley



  • Helado (2 bochas): dulce de leche, chocolate, vainilla, frutilla, limón


    Ice cream (2 scoops): dulce de leche - chocolate - vanilla - strawberry - lemon

  • Flan casero con crema, dulce de leche o mixto


    Home made crème caramel with cream, dulce de leche or both

  • Tarta de Santiago con helado de vainilla


    Almond Tart with vanilla ice cream

  • Brownie de chocolate tibio con helado de vainilla


    Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

  • Panqueque de dulce de leche con helado de vainilla


    Pancake with dulce de leche & vanilla ice cream

  • Don Pedro**


    Vanilla ice cream with nuts and whisky
    ** This dessert contains nuts.

Drinks menu


Argentina is the largest wine producer in South America and the 5th largest in the world, with over 1,200 million litres (2003), and the 13th largest exporter (431 million USD in 2005). Due to the high altitude and low humidity of the main wine producing regions, Argentine vineyards rarely face the problems of insects, fungi, moulds and other diseases that affect grapes in other countries. This permits cultivating with little or no pesticides, allowing even organic wines to be easily produced.Mendoza is the main producing province with 143,764 hectares. It produces between 70% and 75% of the national wine followed by the province of San Juan with 48,869 hectares.

Vinos TintosRed Wines

  • Very small glass of house red (125ml)


  • Small glass of house red (175ml)


  • Small glass of La Colonia Malbec (175ml)


  • Small glass of La Linda Malbec (175ml)


  • Large glass of house red (250ml)


  • Large glass of La Colonia Malbec (250ml)


  • Large glass of La Linda Malbec (250ml)


  • Santa Rosa, Malbec


    Pale purple colour; plum aromas; dry, medium-bodied, solid acidity and low tannin; raspberry and plum flavours.

  • La Colonia, Malbec – Bodegas Norton, Argentina


    Argentina’s signature grape variety, this wine shows the typical dark berry fruit with liquorice overtones and a peppery spice

  • La Linda, Malbec – Finca La Linda, Mendoza, Argentina


    Marked intense red colour. Aromas of morello cherries and spices. Balanced tannins are perceived in the mouth as a result of 3-month ageing in French oak casks. Velvety, well structured, refined and up-to-date.

  • San Felipe, Malbec/Merlot/Cab – Bodega La Rural, Mendoza, Argentina


    A flavourful, easy-drinking bright ruby red blend with intence fruity aromas. Hints of coffee and chocolate and smooth tannins are present from its time spent in the oak leaving for a pleasant finish.

  • La Vuelta, Malbec – Bodega La Rural, Mendoza, Argentina


    A deep red intense Malbec with vibrant fruit aromas of morello cherries and strawberries, and red fruit flavours. Fresh with smooth tannins.

  • 006, Malbec – Bodega Aniello, Patagonia, Argentina


    The vineyards and complex soil structure alongside Patagonia’s cool, dry climate and thermal amplitude help to produce this attractive deep purple colour Malbec, with lovely aromas of black cherries, lavender and earthy minerals. Ripe tannins and enhanced minerality give this wine a beautiful structure and finish.

  • Serie A, Malbec – Familia Zuccardi, Mendoza, Argentina


    Argentina’s Malbec is a great partner with the steaks that have made Argentina a gastronomic destination. This wine, made from lower yielding grapes, is concentrated and rich yet supple and appealing. Lots of ripe, plumy fruit character, with hints of spice and mocha.

  • Finca Perdriel, Merlot – Bodega Norton, Argentina


    Intense blackfruit aroma, species and coffee. Excellent concentration with fine elegant tannins and a long appealing finish.

  • Luigi Bosca, Pinot Noir – Bodega Luigi Bosca, Mendoza, Argentina


    Bright red, fresh, fruity, velvety and full-bodied. Aromas of red fruit such as strawberries, violets and chocolate. Vigorous, attractive and elegant.

  • Decero Malbec – Finca Decero, Mendoza, Argentina


    Intense violet aromas and purity of raspberry and red fruit flavours, with a kick of white pepper, a very assured, sleek texture, and a long, energetic finish.

  • Passo Doble, Malbec/Corvina – Masi Tupungato, Argentina


    Superb wine combining the passion of Italy and the soul of Argentina. Intense bouquet of plums and cherries typical of Malbec together with the Italian grape Corvina give a firm struc- ture while smooth on the palate.

  • Felino, Malbec – Viña Cobos, Mendoza, Argentina


    This sophisticated malbec from Mendoza is succulent and packed, with fresh raspberries, black plumbs and anise which envelop the underlying notes of ginger, white pepper and cedar spice to give a beautifully balanced, rich and creamy red wine.

  • Luigi Bosca DOC Malbec– Bodega Luigi Bosca, Mendoza, Argentina


    Violet red colour, with aromas of blackberries and ripe plums. Intense, full-bodied and complex, with a velvety finish. Marked tannins combined with a touch of vanilla contributed by 6-month ageing in American oak casks.

  • Rutini, Cabernet/Malbec – BODEGA LA RURAL, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA


    On the nose, full bodied fruit aromas of cherry, marmalade and plum are present. The mouth feel combines the mature fruit essence with rich spices of vanilla and chocolate from the time oak. Persistent structure and silky tannins leaving for a long and lasting finish.

  • Privada, Malbec/Cabernet/Merlot – Bodega Norton, Argentina


    Deep, intense ruby red. Fine aromas of truffles, species, cassis, and hazelnut. A wine of intense personality, excellent structure, ripe tannins and great finesse.

  • Luigi Bosca De Sangre, Cabernet/Merlot/Shiraz


    This strong and robust blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz has great intensity shows exuberant aromas of black fruits and spices, it is full-bodied and fleshy.

  • Susana Balbo Malbec – Dominio del Plata, Mendoza, Argentina


    Aromas of violets, blackberry, black cherry all burst out of the glass with subtle toasty notes. Full of ripe plum fruit on the palate perfectly balanced with vanilla oak. A dash of Cabernet adds structure and sets this elegant Malbec in a class of its own.

  • Luigi Bosca Los Nobles, Malbec Verdot


    A very special wine from very old vines, over 100 years in age, it is intense and elegant. Rich and textured with flavours of ripe plums, cassis and blackberries together with a fine bouquet of violets and subtle toasted notes. Its firm and ripe tannins give it great volume and character.

Vinos BlancosWhite Wines

  • Very small glass of house white (125ml)


  • Small glass of house white (175ml)


  • Large glass of house white (250ml)


  • La Colonia, Torrontés – Bodegas Norton, Argentina


    Ripe and mouth filling with rich floral fruits of peach, apricot and just a hint of citrus. Distinctive and long on the finish.

  • La Colonia, Sauvignon Blanc – Bodegas Norton, Argentina


    Intense Sauvignon character with a herbaceous citrus fruit, and fresh balancing acidity

  • Lorca Fantasía, Sauvignon Blanc – Bodegas Mauricio Lorca, Mendoza, Argentina


    A lovely aromatic, highly expressive Sauvignon Blanc infused with grassy notes. Plenty of juicy citrus fruit and pink grapefruits on the palate. Long and balanced on the finish.

  • Trumpeter Torrontés – Rutini Wines, Mendoza, Argentina


    An Argentina's signature white varietal, the Trumpeter Torrontés is a unique white wine with distinctive floral aromatic character. Enticing aromas of white peaches are accompanied with hints of jasmine and rose. On the palate, it has pleasant freshness with citrus notes, beautiful structure, and acidity, with a long and full finish.

Vinos RosadosRose Wines

  • Very small glass of house rosé (125ml)


  • Small glass of house rosé (175ml)


  • Large glass of house rosé (250ml)


  • Malbrontés Rosé – Bodega Mauricio Lorca


    A very interesting concept from renowned Argentine winemaker Mauricio Lorca, with a little inspiration from the UK. Malbrontes is a blend of the two great Argentine grapes Malbec and Torrontes.The blend really works producing a rich, full wine with an almost creamy texture.

Vinos EspumantesSparkling Wines

  • Michel Torino – Extra Brut (13%) 750ml


    This sparkling wine is smooth and fruity with flavours of pear with good balance and a off-dry finish.

Licores ArgentinosArgentine Dessert Wines

  • Malamado – Malbec 2003 (19.9%) 50ml


    The first Argentine Port style wine made with Malbec grapes, this is a sweet, velvety, unctuous wine with a wide bouquet. Gentle and long.

  • Zuccardi Torrontés Tardío – Torrontés 2004 (8.5%) 50ml


    Intense aromas of over-matured fruits, honey and dried fruits like pears, apricots and peaches, orange skin, and roses. Sweet, unctuous in the mouth, silky, with balanced acidity. Complex and long finish.

Tragos y LicoresSpirits & Liqueurs – 25ml

  • Ron Havana Club – Añejo 3 años (Cuba) 40%


  • Ron Santa Teresa – Gran Reserva (Venezuela) 40%


  • Ron Viejo de Caldas – Añejo 8 años (Colombia) 40%


  • Aguardiente Antioqueño (Licor anisado/Anis liquor, Colombia) 30%


  • Fernet Branca (Italia) 40%


  • Cointreau (40.0%), Vodka (37.5%), Tequila (38%), Jameson’s (40%), Gin Beefeater (40.5%), Bells 8 Years (40%), Jack Daniel’s (40%) Bailey’s (17%), Amaretto Di Saronno (28%), Tía María (26.5%)


  • Sambuca (38%), Brandy Three Barrels (40%)


  • Bowmore Single Malt (40%)


  • Cognac Hennesy (40%)


Bebidas Sin AlcoholSoft Drinks

  • Coca Cola / Coca Cola Diet – bottle 330ml


  • Tonic Water / Lemonade


  • Mineral water – Still 330ml / Sparkling 330ml


  • Mineral water – Still 750ml / Sparkling 750ml


  • Juices (orange, apple or mango) – bottle 200ml


Cervezas En BotellaBottled beers

  • Quilmes (4.9%) 355ml – Argentina


  • San Miguel (5.0%) 330ml – Spain


  • Cusqueña (5.0%) 330ml – Peru


  • Leffe Blonde (6.6%) 300ml – Belgium



  • Martini (15%) Extra Dry / Rosso / Bianco – 50ml


  • Limoncello (27%) – 25ml


  • Fernet Branca (40%) – 25ml


  • Fernet Branca con Coca Cola – Fernet Branca (40%) with Coke – 25ml


Café y TéCoffees & Teas

  • Café con Leche


    Coffee with milk

  • Capuccino


  • Espresso


  • Espresso descafeinado


    Decaffeinated espresso

  • Double Espresso


  • Cortado


    Espresso with milk

  • Café con crema


    Espresso with cream

  • Café con crema y canela


    Espresso with cream and cinnamon

  • Lágrima


    Hot milk with a drop of coffee

  • Tea


    Camomile - Green - Grey - Breakfast - Peppermint

  • Mate


    Original - Chai - Roasted - With Redbush - With Ginger

Café Con LicorLiqueur coffees

  • Carajillo


    Espresso with Brandy

  • Xeneize


    Espresso with Amaretto

  • Almirante Brown


    Espresso with Baileys

  • Irlandés (Irish Coffee)


    Coffee, Jameson´s, Cream

The first bread basket is free.
The second one has a charge of £ 3.

Please note that an optional gratuity
of 12.5 % will be added to your bill.
All tips are divided equally among staff.